These Kids and Their Fancy Technology

Let me preface this by saying that I know people before me had much less technology than I did, but I am just looking at what I had vs what kids have today.


I am a college freshman with a Windows XP desktop computer that I custom built.  I have a  17” CRT monitor, 512 MB RAM, and and 80 GB hard drive.  I also buy a flash drive to do back ups.  It holds 128 MB and cost me near $100 to buy.  I take all my notes on ‘paper’.


If I was a college student today, here is what I would be using (assuming I had a decent amount of money/support from my parents:

MacBook Air running OS X Lion.  I would use these apps: Simplenote, Dropbox (for storing papers, shared folder for projects), Word 2011, and Crashplan for cloud based backups (along with a local Time Machine drive).

The New iPad running iOS 5.1.1. I would use these apps: Simplenote, Dropbox, Pages

iPhone 4s running iOS 5.1.1. I would use these apps: Simplenote and Dropbox

I am sure that technology will continue to evolve, but today seems like a great time to be a student when it comes to the available technology.