Education iOS 6 Wishlist

With iOS 6 likely to be announced in a few weeks, I thought I’d explain my wish list from an education/enterprise perspective.  Apple has quietly beefed up what mobile device management systems can do with each version of iOS (a lot of new things in iOS 5).

1.  The ability to disable automatic Software Update (or require passcode to download)
While I love the ability to do over the air iOS updates, I also want to control when it happens.  I don’t want a student to be able to install an update that I have not tested with our mission critical applications.  

2.  Install apps wirelessly with volume purchase program codes with no interaction from end user
While a lot of MDM providers have the ability to push apps to devices, they still require the end user to enter an iTunes password.  I want to be able to silently install (and update) applications without an end user having to do anything.

3.  Google Apps style iCloud account creation
While I love iCloud for personal use, it is tough use to use in an education/enterprise setup.  The users either have to create their own account (most won’t do it) or I have to do it and then I will be responsible for keeping up with their information.  Google Apps gives me all the benefits of a Google account while also being able to have control (set permissions, reset passwords, etc).  I would love to be able to do this for iCloud

4.  Require pass code to enter (or a toggle switch to turn off each setting individually)
This has become an issue with students using school owned iPads (cart scenario).  Some of the students have found their way into the universal access section and changed some of those settings.  I’d prefer to be able to lock them out of in general.  Apple currently allows me to lock down Mail, Twitter, and iCloud.