Clever Solves The Identity Management Problem

What K–12 needs is a universal login system. This feature would allow us to create one identity for students that follow them across their email, student information system, and all of the apps we use.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution yet. Google supports logging in with G-Suite wherever it’s available, but it’s limited in where it’s offered. While Apple offers iCloud accounts for students, this service doesn’t help us with logging into third-party apps.

A solution that looks promising is Clever. Clever is a single sign-on service for K–12. Here’s the interesting pitch: it’s free for schools to use. Clever makes money by charging the applications that want to integrate with it.

Over on 9to5Mac, I took a look at Clever. Clever is a free SSO service for K-12 schools. You can read the article here.