Apple Could Own IoT In the Enterprise With HomeKit for Work

For everything that HomeKit has brought to home automation and the internet of things, CIOs and IT Directors have a really difficult time with IoT in the enterprise. There is no major centralized platform to build upon. There aren’t a lot of standards for security. In fact, IT Directors aren’t even the ones usually buying the products. In my organization, all of our IoT gear has been purchased by our facilities group. We have a very expensive HVAC controller. It has one of the worst interfaces I’ve ever seen. It runs on Java, so it shows a very minimal interface on iOS devices. There is no native app. Every time Java has an update on macOS or Windows, it tends to completely break the system. Our CCTV system is in the same boat. It’s terrible to configure, and the software looks like it was made in 2003. As the IT person, I’m responsible for getting these devices online and securing them.

Over at 9to5mac, I look at what a HomeKit for Work program could look like. You can read it here.