All In On Google

When Gmail launched in 2004, I got an early invite. I used it until 2005 when I got my first Mac. I switched my email over to .Mac. I used it and MobileMe for many years. When iCloud launched in 2010, I kept on using the service. I've used Apple services for the better part of 12 years now. I've been an Apple Music subscriber since the early days. I also switched over to iCloud Photo Library last summer. I ditched Dropbox for iCloud Drive with iOS 11 and the files app. I was all in on Apple Services.

Now, I am all out. I really don't know why it happened, but last Friday night, I switched to Google's services. I exported my calendars and contacts from iCloud to Google, and I forwarded my iCloud mail to my Gmail account. I re-uploaded all of my photos to Google Photos (and recreated my albums). I'm using the Gboard keyboard on my iPhone. Google Maps has replaced Apple Maps. The Google Search and Google Assistant apps are also on my home screen.

I also purchased 3 Google Home minis. I have two at home, and one at work. I spent around $100 in total for them. I like them. I enjoy asking about my calendar, adding appointments, and playing Spotify (I'm back!). The sound quality isn't high end, but it works for my needs.

So for now, I'm all in on Google services. I'm still using Apple hardware, but I like the idea that I could switch to Android or ChromeOS with relative ease. Google's services work well. I enjoy using them. Apple's aren't awful, but Google's seem to be smarter in various ways.

For now, I'm all in with Google.