An Update On Using Google Services

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on switching to Google services. I wanted to provide an update on where I was at with that. One thing I wanted to add is that this was as much as moving away from Apple as much as it was switching to Google. This is why I used Spotify over Google Play Music.

  1. MailPlane 3 is the best way to access G-Suite and Google accounts from a Mac (including Google Calendar).
  2. Spotify is really an incredible service. I think it does a better job at finding you interesting playlists than Apple Music. Apple does a better job at promoting your existing library (and full albums).
  3. Google Photos is faster at scrolling than iCloud Photo Library. The apps are both great on iOS, but on macOS is much better than the Google Photos website. Since I have my library already updated, I'll probably keeping the app installed and continue to make a backup there.
  4. The Gmail app for iOS works well, but its lack of universal inbox is maddening.
  5. The Google Home mini is a good product (especially at its price point).
  6. The Google Calendar app for iOS works well, but I was surprised how slow data entry is.
  7. Chrome on macOS seems faster than Safari, but I can't quantify that. I prefer Safari overall, though.
  8. I returned the Google Home minis, switched back to Apple Music, and purchased a HomePod last night. The HomePod is really nice. I'm not an audiophile, but it fixes what I didn't like about Sonos (I loved the speakers, but hated using their app).
  9. I enjoyed the experiment. Google's services are great. I think it probably makes sense (for me) to use the natives services of the devices I use at the moment. Knowing that it's pretty trivial to switch gives me reassurance for the future.