Ideas on How iCloud Photos Could Work For Families

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Google Photos. I sometimes long for the native aspect of iCloud Photo Library, though. The feature that always holds me back is a lack of unified library with my wife. I know not everyone wants that feature, but I do. Here’s some ways I think Apple could make it work:

  1. Single Library option
  2. Read Access option
  3. Smart library option with face scanning

Single Library Option

With this option, users of a family sharing group should have the option to have a single library. Everything taken on both accounts would be accessible to both. This could be cumbersome as camera rolls fill up some random screenshots and saved photos.

Read Access Option

An option might be for users to be able to have read access to their family sharing library. Users could save anything from a family member’s library to their own. This would create a lot of manual work, though.

Smart Library based on face scanning

The option that I think could really make sense is for me to be able to designate that I want photos of certain members of our family added to my library. This would mean extending the face scanning results to iCloud Family Sharing. I could mark that I was any photos of my kids, me, or my wife added to my library. I wouldn’t end up with the extra stuff, though.