You Do You

There’s been a lot of discussion of late about iPad.

  • Can it replace a PC?
  • Do I need a Mac?
  • is iOS the future of computing?

These arguments remind me a lot of the laptop vs desktop debate a decade or so ago. At the time, laptops were expensive and slow. After a period of time, they got a lot better. The benefits of the portability outweighed any negatives for some. For others, desktop computers were (and still are) the best tool for the job.

In 2008, Apple released the MacBook Air. This was an underpowered and overpriced ultra portable laptop. Overtime, the price came down and the specs came up. In fact, it’s the laptop I still recommend to anyone looking for the best bang for their buck. Even when it was overpriced and underpowered, some people still loved it. The benefits outweighed the negatived for them.

Here in 2017, we have two types of people. Those that think iPads can be used for real work and those that don’t. I’m going to set the record straight. Some people can and some people can’t. It just depends on your needs (and preferences).

If the iPad can accomplish 100% of your computing needs, that is awesome. If it can’t, then enjoy macOS. If you prefer macOS for some tasks and iOS for others, then do that.

I don’t know if macOS is ever discontinued in favor of something like iOS. I don’t know 100% of what the future of computing holds. The thing I do know is: you do you.

Pick the devices that allow you to do the best work, and use those. The discussion about iPad vs Mac is like discussing a match vs a lighter. Each serves their purpose for different tasks.

Everyone’s work (and preference) is different. Trying to argue your needs against someone else's needs is pointless.