Brief Thoughts on Fire TV

I picked up a Fire TV stick a few days ago, so I wanted to share a few thoughts.

App availablity

It's very similar to what I have on Apple TV. The main one it's missing is Nick Jr, but it has Amazon Video and Spotify. Overall, most of the apps are very similar to the corresponding Apple TV one.


I like the remote a lot better than the Apple TV one. The main downside is that the Fire TV remote doesn't have volume buttons. We use this a lot on our Apple TV remotes. I enjoyed going back to a traditional D-pad for navigation.


In some ways it's better, but in some ways it's worse. While the Apple TV one is very static, the Fire TV one seems to constantly be moving around. I do like that you can get straight to recently watched shows straight from the home screen, though.

Overal value

Do I think the Fire TV stick is better than the Apple TV? I don't. If I didn't have an Apple TV, I don't think I could justify buying one over the Fire TV stick, though.

For $40, it's a really fantastic device. I have ordered a 2nd one to keep on our upstairs TV. Amazon doesn't need Apple here. The Fire TV is cheap enough that people can buy along with something else if they really want Amazon content.

Amazon Video is in a situation where people likely sign up for Prime for the shipping benefits, and the video subscription is secondary. They won't cancel Prime because there isn't an Apple TV app. Apple needs Amazon more than Amazon needs Apple in this situation. The following tweet says it best:

If anything, this just shows where Apple has zero competitive advantage with video content.