Thoughts On The LTE Apple Watch

I've had a weird relationship with the Apple Watch. I picked up the original on day one but sold it a few months later. watchOS 1 was slow. The apps were not good. I picked up a Series 2 model a few months after its release. I returned in 2 weeks later. I picked up another Series 2 model in June but sold in by August. I was moderately more happy with the Series 2 than I was Series 0, but something felt missing. It wasn't adding enough to my life to warrant the ownership. It was just another device.

From the beginning of Apple Watch, LTE access always seemed like something that would happen. I didn't expect it this soon, though. Being an avid runner, I have always had my phone with me when I run for longer than ten minutes. I like to have it in the event someone in my family needs me or I get hurt.

I picked up an Apple Watch with LTE recently and having LTE access has been eye-opening for me.

Here's a perfect example: I had to run some errands recently. It included getting gas for my truck and running to the bank. I left my phone at work. While I was gone, I responded to a few emails and to a few iMessages.

On that same day, I ran during my lunch break. I left my phone in my office. I had a playlist synced to my watch, but I could have just as easily streamed via LTE. Since I am in IT, I need to be reachable during the day (even during lunch).

While the battery life certainly takes a hit on LTE, I can see the future. Once this device can last for 12-14 hours on LTE (without a GPS enabled workout), it could be a phone replacement for certain people. Will the Apple Watch Series 6 be the default phones for kids? Will the Apple Watch Series 6 be the new "dumb phone" for people who don't want a smartphone? I think it certainly might.

I'm looking forward to the future where I can leave my iPhone at home for an entire day, but still be reachable. One thing I am missing is the ability to stream music in my car. Thankfully, I have access to this new thing called FM Radio. It's sorta like Beats1, but with local people. I could pair my watch to my car stereo, but I don’t want to drain the battery while driving.