Turning Off Apple Music

Update (2016-10-10): Apple fixed this earlier in the summer, and I've returned to Apple Music.

After nearly a year of using the service, I turned off Apple Music, iCloud Library, and the automatic renewal of my family membership (my wife is going to sign back up as a single user). I thought I'd take a minute to explain why.

My frustration with Apple Music actually has very little do with the streaming service. It lies solely on iCloud Music Library. Like I've said before, I still have a 30 GB music library that I want to keep. Most of it is studio albums, but 5% of it is live albums. I really like live albums. iCloud Music library would consistently either not match properly, or it would somehow revert weeks after the original upload. I simply got tired of babysitting the matching process. I'd have to remove and re-upload a lot of them every few weeks. I finally had enough. I rebuilt my library in Spotify and turned off Apple Music. I then synced my local library over a cable.

Spotify is a fine streaming service. There are aspects of it that I like better than Apple Music, and there other aspects that I don't. Overall, it works. Sadly, the best aspect of turning off Apple Music is that everything in my library now plays exactly what it's suppose to. It just works..