Will You Like AirPods?

I've owned my AirPods for a week, so here is a super simple Buyer's Guide:

You will love them if:

  • EarPods fit your ears.
  • You want really portable headphones.
  • You are a grown up and won't lose them on day 1.

You will hate them if:

  • EarPods don't fit your ear at all (you actually still might love them, but they won't stay in).
  • You need the absolute best sound quality available ($159 wireless earbuds aren't the product category you should be looking at).
  • You lose your chapstick.

I love AirPods. They are my favorite tech purchase from the past few years. I love the charging case. I love how the music auto-pauses when I remove one of them. I really just love everything about them.