Apple Watch and Cellular Connectivity

With the release of Apple Watch series 2 (I haven't bought one), I've started to ponder the watch of the future. After thinking through the watch's role in our lives, I've finally settled on the fact that the Apple Watch needs cellular. iPhones are fantastic. They are great cameras, and they allow us to carry extremely powerful computer in your pocket. I do see a day coming when I would leave my iPhone at home for periods of time.

I take my iPhone whenever I leave the house. This includes the grocery store, the gym, the gas station, or the coffee shop. A lot of the time, I only take it for phone calls and text messages. When the Apple Watch includes a cellular connection, I could leave in the morning to run a few errands with only an Apple Watch. My shopping list would be on there. Thanks to Continuity, so would my Phone calls and text messages. My iMessages would come straight from the cellular network as well.

This reality sounds amazing to me. It's one less thing to carry, but I can still be reached and access basic functions of my apps. Think about how much more useful your iPhone or LTE iPad is because of its always on connection. When a version of the Apple Watch can do this without being near your iPhone, it'll drive up its usefulness.

We will be living in the time of Dick Tracy.