Apple Music is a Gateway Product for Artists

A lot of people will have you think that services like Apple Music and Spotify are/will ruin the music industry. While I am surprised these services aren't more like Netflix (not having new releases, but mainly back catalog), I'd like to argue, for me at least, that streaming services are a gateway product to get me to to spend more money on "music" (concerts, merchandise, etc).

Since I signed up for Apple Music last year:

  • I have been to two concerts while having tickets for two more. Prior to Apple Music, the last concert I saw was in 2006 (not a typo).
  • I have purchased nine albums from iTunes/Amazon.
  • I have purchased approximately twenty of my favorite records on vinyl.
  • I have signed up for one band's online membership club to receive monthly live tracks.
  • I have purchased one coffee mug from a band while at their concert

I know this might not be a sample of everyone, but for me, Apple Music has been a gateway into discovering more music while also spending more money with the music industry itself.