Blink 1.1

Blink is my favorite way to create afiliate links on my iOS devices. Blink 1.1 was released today with some great new features.

Global Linking – Most iTunes content is region restricted. If I send you a link to a movie generated in the US iTunes Store and you tap it while signed into the iTunes Store for Austrailia, you will get an error. “Geo” prefixing links fixes that. If the equivalent content is in both stores, users of your links are directed to the correct version.

The iTunes Link Maker is the only way to generate these links right now, but with Blink 1.1, users can add a “geo” prefix to any link created with the app. Blink extension goes even further. If you convert a link from country other than the one you selected in Blink’s settings, the converted link includes a “geo” prefix automatically so it will work in your home store and any other store that offers the media to which you are linking.

Music – Affiliate commissions are different for Apple Music and the iTunes Store. With Blink 1.1, you can choose to direct users to either destination. You can also generate affiliate links to Apple Music-only content like playlists and radio shows. Developer Analytics – Blink 1.1 lets app developers create links to their apps that include a Provider ID token so they can track the performance of those links using iTunes Connect Analytics.

If you write on iOS, this app is a must have. It's on the App Store for $4.99.