My Apple Watch Review

Me over at Tools and Toys:

I’m actually surprised how little I use Apple Watch day to day. This is a huge positive to me. I’ve got enough problems keeping away from screens that I wanted a device to help put technology in its place. When I get home from work, my iPhone is placed on my night stand, and I rarely look at it until my kids go to bed. If someone calls, I’ll get notified. If an important iMessages comes through, I can respond. I won’t be tempted to pull up Twitter or check Instagram from the watch (yes, I know they offer apps, but it’s not a good experience). The magic in Apple Watch lies in what it can’t do. There is no web browser. There is no App Store on the device. It’s providing just enough data to keep you in touch and informed, without being a distraction. If Apple Watch owners are simply more aware of what is going on around them, then the product is a success in my mind. It’s allowing us to have access to great technology, but still live in the real world. I wonder if we will look back at the world where people have their eyes glued to their iPhones as an era where people didn’t know how to control themselves.

I took a different slant than a lot of reviews. Instead of just talking about Apple Watch, I talk about about two days of my life while wearing it.