The New Evernote Plans

Evernote has introduced a new mid tier paid plan called Evernote Plus. You can read the blog post here. They've also shifted some features from free to paid only plans.

Evernote Free
This plan includes the ability to sync notebooks, share notebooks, and use their cloud-based OCR for printed and handwritten text in images. You can upload 60 MB a month with a max note size of 25 MB.

Evernote Plus
With this plan, you get 1 GB of monthly uploads with a 50 MB note size. You also get the ability to send notes into your database via email (previously a free feature). You can also set notebooks to be offline on mobile devices. This plan is $2.99/month or $24.99/year.

Evernote Premium
With this plan, you get unlimited monthly uploads and a 200 MB note size. It also includes the ability search inside of PDF, Office docs, and attachments. You can also annotate attached PDFs, scan and digitize business cards, view previous note revisions, see related content, and the ability to turn notes into presentations. This plan is $5.99/mo or $49.99/year.

What is the best plan?
I always thought that Evernote gave away a lot of features on their free plan, so I don't blame them for moving some into a paid plan (especially the send to Evernote from email). Everyone has to eat, so I am happy to keep paying them. I'll likely stay on the premium plan as I use search inside of Office docs frequently. This move seems aimed to getting free users who didn't want to pay $50/year to at least pay $3/month.

You can check out this support article for more information on the plan differences.