Fixing Evernote

After writing my post on leaving Evernote, I got a few emails asking for some more clarification on why?

It Became Annoying
For a service I pay for, Evernote had become quite annoying. Instead of making its core features even better, it adding features like Work Chat, and became seriously annoying with notifications about explaining new features....over and over again. I do not want another chat client. I do not care about Evernote for Teams. I simply want Evernote to work how I have always used it. Over the past 3 years, the application seems to get in my way more than it helps me. A perfect example is that on iOS, the reminders section is easier to get to than the search bar.

Product Seems to Have a Lack of Direction
Here is how I sum up Evernote (or how it should be): Take anything I put in it, and sync it everywhere. Over the years, Evernote has added feature after feature that didn't support that mission. This has led to the software becoming slower and slower over time. In fact, Alternote's simplicity has shown how bloated the core Evernote app has become.

I've been critical of Evernote quite a bit on my Twitter account over the past few months, but I would like to offer some recommendations on what I think they should do to regain the trust of users:

Look at Alternote
The idea of Evernote is awesome. It's a place for all those random snippets, images, PDFs, etc in your life. You get to organize everything in a simple (and easily searchable) way. Alternote has stripped away a lot of the complexity. Evernote should either buy them or model their next app after it.

Feature Cut
If a feature doesn't support the core mission of Evernote, cut it. Reminders should be gone. Evernote is not a task manager. Work Chat should be removed. They should go back to the drawing board and reimagine what Evernote would look like if it was being created in 2015 from scratch. It should be built for speed and simplicity.

Plain Text Option
This would allow people to easily get their text in and out of Evernote. Exporting notes out of Evernote also generates a .html document. They'd be better off to export files as a .docx than .html.

These are just a few recommendations I came up with at 5:00 AM, but I'm sure I'll have more later.