Learning to Leave Evernote

I’ve had a long history with Evernote. After struggling to understand it for years, I finally Learned to Love it a few years ago. Over the years, I’ve rebuilt workflows around the idea of an “everything bucket”.

As of 10/18/15, I’ve completely left Evernote. What started out as a simple “delete notes that are not longer needed” project, ended with me completely exporting everything out. Evernote hasn’t added a feature in a long time that I cared about. It was a platform that was standing still for me. It was a platform that I was invested in with my time and my money, and I felt less and less confident about its future. After reading Stephen Hackett’s Notes.app post again, I realized that it was time to go.

I’ve had an on-again, off-again thing with Evernote for years. I like having attachments associated with my notes, but dislike almost everything about the service itself.

I’m out.

Random snippets of text that I kept in Evernote are now in 1Password as secure notes. Images, PDFs, and voice notes are in Dropbox (organized in folders). Notes are now plain text stored across various Dropbox folders. I’m accessing them using Ulysses on the Mac. I’m using Byword on iOS. Both apps are set to be able to browse my entire Dropbox folder.

I’m going to avoid Notes.app at the moment. It’s not about iCloud concerns, but rather avoiding another platform without an easy exit.

Would I still recommend Evernote to someone else? Absolutely. I’ll leave my book up. The content is still useful to some. It’s just not a platform I want to continue to invest in. I’ve got a premium account till 2020, so I can always come back if things turn around.