JAMF Software Exec Talks Apple’s Evolution

Jeff Engel:

“Back in 2002, very few people considered Apple a viable enterprise solution,” says Halmstad, who serves as JAMF’s co-CEO. “We saw what they were doing with Mac OS X, and believed that their future was incredibly bright. In the early years, people always told us that we’d have to support Windows. We stayed focused on helping the enterprise succeed with Apple … and it has worked out very well for us and our customers.”

JAMF doesn't support Windows or Android. Some people see that as a negative, but I see it as a positive. With most enterprise vendors, Apple is treated as a 2nd class citizen (particulary on the Mac). JAMF is dedicated to Apple. If there was a printer company who only supported Apple, I'd use them. JAMF has a neat story, so I'd recommend reading the entire article.

Disclosure: JAMF Software sponsors Out of School, but I am a customer as well.