Amazon Fire Phone Review

David Pierce:

The Kindle Paperwhite is what the Fire Phone should be, a device perfectly suited to its task with subtle improvements lurking behind every corner. And who knows? Maybe in seven more years we’ll have the smartphone equivalent. But this Fire Phone is more like that first Kindle: a device with so many features, so many ideas, that it has either forgotten or ignored what it’s supposed to be for. Dynamic Perspective and Firefly are impressive technological achievements with bright futures (if by some miracle Amazon can get its developers on board), and the Fire Phone is a remarkably efficient shopping machine. But it’s not a very good smartphone.

The original Kindle was apparently terrible, but the Kindle Paperwhite is fantastic. The question remains if Amazon can repeat that strategy with the Fire Phone and the Fire Tablets. With the forking of Android, Amazon has taken the power into their owns hands. Are they able to further develop an OS or will they be stuck with what they have?