Why I Like Overcast

Most of you have heard that Overcast for iPhone was released last week. It's a podcast app from Marco Arment. It's been much anticipated since it was announced last September. Here is why I like it (after a few days of full time use):

  1. Simple
    The interface is simple, but still powerful. It's easy for new podcast fans to use, but also powerful enough for the hardcore fans. The new playlist section makes it easy to organize shows without much effort. I have one playlist that groups my 2 favorite shows at the top regardless of what else is on there. While it doesn't yet support streaming, I've always been one to download shows to save on my data plan.

  2. Saves me time
    I love smart speed feature. It's probably the feature that is the key differentiator over other podcast apps. It seeks to speed up the show by eliminating near silence from track.

It's free to download, but there is a $4.99 IAP if you want to unlock some great features.

Cellular downloads
Variable playback speed
Smart Speed
Voice Boost
Per-podcast effects settings
One-by-one playback option
Sleep timer
Unlimited number of playlists
Unlimited episodes shown in playlists

If you want a more detailed review, check out Macstories.