The Problem With Chromebooks

Tablet Academy:

And finally, mobility. This is increasingly important.Its very difficult to pull out your Chromebook at the bus stop and do five minutes of quick work on the hoof…the devices are just too big, and getting them connected would most likely be a challenge. Not so with a tablet device…

Whilst there might well be a place for Chromebooks in education, we are becoming increasingly convinced that this will be limited. They are not disruptive devices, that’s for sure, being limited to a substitution role at best. We do think the IDC paper ignores these three points, concentrating as it does on the supposed reduced maintainance time and increased levels of productivity due to quicker loading and up-time.

Are Chromebooks the device for 100% of schools? Probably not. They have a niche, though. If you've got an upper school (8-12) with Google Apps, Chromebooks make a nice option. In some ways, Chromebooks make great laptop replacements where you still need laptop functionality. The question probably isn't iPad vs Chromebook. It's probably Chromebook vs a traditional laptop.