Tim Cook On Enterprise Software

9to5Mac through the WSJ is reporting that Tim Cook said that 80% of our work should be on an iPad.

There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be like that. Imagine enterprise apps being as simple as the consumer apps that we’ve all gotten used to. That’s the way it should be

With the iPad, it's not about doing more spreadsheet work on the back porch. It's about the simplification of computing. I support 100+ Macs every day. I see the pain points people have with tradtional computers. The iPad solved that. The goal of technology should be to allow people to do things they couldn't previously do. The iPad allows a novice user to do great things without worrying about why they have the same voicemail downloaded 40 times.

Enterprise applications are known for being complicated and not user friendly. This is because companies are often selling to people who aren't the ones using the software. The iPad forces companies to rethink how software works. It's a completely new environment for users and developers.