BitTorrent Sync For Photo Management

In my quest for the perfect photo management software (RIP Everpix), I decided to give BitTorrent Sync a try over the weekend. Unlike Google Drive, Dropbox, or PictureLife, there is no third party cloud component. BitTorrent Sync is an app that you run on your computer that makes the folders you select available on other devices using the BitTorrent protocol (hey, there is a legal use for BitTorrent now). They have apps for the desktop and for mobile. There is no login system, but it uses a secret key to connect your clients together. For the mobile app, the desktop client can display a QR code that shares the secret key.

What BitTorrent Sync does well:
1. Free
2. Unlimted to the size your hard drive
3. Secure
4. Easily backed up using normal backup methods (Backblaze, Time Machine, etc)

Unfortunately, The photo experience on mobile is terrible. There are no thumbnails without downloading the photo first. This fact alone makes it a non-starter for multi-device photo management.