curbi: An iOS VPN Filtering Service For Kids

Since the iPad was released in 2010, I've been constantly asked by parents on what is the best way to secure their child's device. I am not referencing a school owned device, but one that owned personally. While Amazon has been beefing up the control for parents with their FreeTime product, Apple has largely stuck to its "Restrictions" on the device offering. I'd really like to see Apple give parents more control over what their kids can do on an iOS device and when they can do it. Enter curbi. What is curbi?

Manage your child's iPhone usage easily with curbi. Use Rules to control what your child can do on their phone, and when they can do it: block social media apps during study time to keep them focused; block adult sites permanently so they aren't exposed to anything inappropriate. The Rules are yours to discuss with your child and apply as you see fit.

Protect your child from inappropriate material. Once curbi is installed, every website your child visits passes through curbi's content filter first. You might not be aware of which sites are inappropriate for your child, but curbi is. curbi's content filter is continually updated to include all new sites that need to be filtered out.

Monitor your child's internet access with detailed reporting from curbi. At a glance you can see every site your child's visited, the apps they've used, and how long they've spent on any particular activity.

There is really only 1 way to do this on iOS and that is through the use of a VPN connection. Due to the nature of a VPN connection , I'd recommend you read the privacy policy on their website. I've been testing it and have been really happy with how it has worked. Enrollment is really easy and is done through the browser. It is also extremely simple to create time based rules for controlling when your child can access certain websites, various categories, (or any network service). You can also get a listing of installed apps.

Can your child un-enroll their device from curbi at anytime? Yes, but you will get an email saying that the device has been un-enrolled very soon after. Pricing is $5/per month of $50/year. A standard account will cover up to 5 managed devices. If you've got kids with iOS devices, I'd definitely check it out. There is a free 14 day trial for 2 devices.