Fluke Networks LinkSprinter Network Tester

I've been needing a good network connectivity testing tool for a while now. I need something that I can plug into an ethernet port and verify DHCP and gateway accessibility. Fluke Networks has had some great tools for years, but they have been out of my price range. I don't need a tool like this daily, but maybe 2-3 times a month. They recently released the LinkSprinter (affiliate link) product line. There are two models: one that has a built in WiFi web server and one that doesn't ($299 vs $199). The WiFi server allows you to show your test results on your mobile device (and initiate a new test). Both devices send your results as an email. The other new thing about this device is that it has a cloud services piece. All your test results are stored online with Fluke Networks and you can view them later. You can add notes to the test by replying to the original test result email. This could be helpful for recording a port location or a trouble ticket number. There is one downside to the cloud component: it has fees.

The service is free for the first 120 days. After that 10 tests per month are included per tester. Additional tests may be purchased in 100 or 1000 packs for pennies per test. Tests packs can be shared across an organization.

This will be no problem with me. I'm not likely to use it more than ten times per month. Overall, I am pretty impressed. I got it connected to my account with relative ease. It applied a firmware update and that did seem to cause it to struggle for a bit. It got itself worked out and I've had no issues since. One thing to note is that the folks at Fluke noticed I was having trouble completing the first few initial tests and reached out via email.

If you are needing an in-expensive and portable way to test connectivity, then you'll love this device.