The New Tools & Toys

Shawn Blanc:

The site has thrived for these past 3 years. We have always subscribed to the principle that quality and honesty breed trust and attention. What I want more than anything when it comes to this site’s readership is to have people who trust that we’re not here to rob them of their time.

And today, we are taking things up a few clicks.

In addition to our daily posts of the newest and coolest gear, we’ll also begin publishing new types of content. Look above in the site’s navigation and you’ll see: photo essays, long-form reviews, gear guides, interviews, and a new regular editorial column centered on the topics of mindful and simple living. All this new content has its home in the brand new, beautiful website design you’re looking at right now. (A million thanks to Pat Dryburgh for doing the design and development of the new site.)

The new design is some of the best design work I've seen. We've also got a lot of awesome things in store for the future. If you aren't subscribed to the RSS feed or following on Twitter, you will want to fix that.