Federico Viticci's Photo Managment Workflow

Federico Viticci:

I don't know if Picturelife, Loom, Apple, or somebody else will nail the concept of a photo backup, storage, and viewing service with all the features I want, but my Dropbox/Finder-based system allows me to try out new services (which usually have a free tier and desktop uploaders) with the peace of mind that my photos will always remain in one place anyway.

This is absolutely true. I'm not ready to trust anyone with the only copies of my photos. I've got accounts with about every cloud photo service, but I always retain local copies. If Loom shut down today, I can just move to another service by re-uploading my photos. I actually never accessed my Everpix archive. I still had it all locally. On a side note, I've been uploading all my photos to Flickr at the end of each month (as a private set) as a fail safe to my other backups. With 1 terabyte of free storage, you will take a few years to fill it up.