CloudConvert And Uploading Podcasts From iOS

A few weeks ago, I wrote up an article about how to post podcasts using only iOS. One of the podcasts I post for work requires me to extract audio from a 1.5 GB video file. It's working great using the workflow (and apps) in my prior post, but I'm always tinkering. The main issue with that workflow is that it pretty much requires me to be on WiFi since I need to download the video from Dropbox into the app that extract the video. Back in September, I found CloudConvert via Macdrifter. I had sort of forgotten about it until it came across my radar again this week. The free plans didn't offer a large enough file size for my needs, so I inquired about paid plans (their site said coming soon). They emailed me an option to buy "conversion minutes". I spent $10 for 500 minutes. On iOS, you can upload photos from your camera roll, import from Dropbox, and import from Google Drive. I imported the file from Dropbox and had it set to drop the converted mp3 back into Dropbox. I have Documents by Readdle set to sync the folder CloudConvert is dropping then mp3 into. Once the mp3 downloads into Documents, I can then upload it to the podcast FTP server.

CloudConvert looks to be highly useful (for a ton of file types) and I really like the pricing plans. Rather than another monthly subscription, I can just pay for what I use. I'll continue using it week to week because I can complete my task from LTE without burning my data quota.