Your iPhone Address Book Is Not A Rolodex

The iPhone contacts app can certainly hold a lot of contacts, but does it need to? Why do you need 2000 enteries in your address back? When was the last time you talked to 1950 of those folks? I currently have 63 contacts in my phone. I know a lot more than 63 people, but I might only need people's contact info once ever year or two. My solution was to use Evernote (as always) for those extra contacts that I might need in the future, but don't need on a day to day basis.

There are two ways you could do this:

  1. Screen shot your current contacts (one at a time) and add them to an Evernote notebook called "Misc Contacts". Add one screenshot to an individual note and name the note using the person's name.
  2. Create a note called Misc Contacts (or a Misc Work and a Misc Personal) and manually type in the phone numbers. This option takes longer, but I prefer it because the numbers are then able to be dialed on an iPhone from within Evernote. I use this formula:

John Smith - 654-899-1234

Evernote has essentially become a virtual rolodex by using this method. It's there when you need it, but your iPhone contacts are easier to manage.