LogMeIn Discontinues Free Service

John Michael Bond:

Free services are fading with every passing day. The latest to go is the remote connection service LogMeIn Ignition, which has offered a free version of its service for the last 10 years. Users could pay for additional features, but basic use was covered for free. This morning, however, users received an unpleasant surprise in their email boxes; starting on January 28, 2014, free users accounts will be inaccessible. Users have seven days to make up their minds.

I've used LogMeIn Free (with the paid version of the iOS app) for a few years now and I've always been happy with how easy it was to setup and use. I'll be converting a couple of machines I manage at work to paid accounts. For home use, I'll stick with Screens because it doesn't have a recurring charge (simply a paid VNC client). While LogMeIn certainly offers more features, they weren't features that I really needed.