Evernote And Software Quality

Phil Libin:

I got the wrong sort of birthday present yesterday: a sincerely-written post by Jason Kincaid lamenting a perceived decline in the quality of Evernote software over the past few months. I could quibble with the specifics, but reading Jason’s article was a painful and frustrating experience because, in the big picture, he’s right. We’re going to fix this.

One of the things that Steve Jobs would always say is that we are just people running this company. People aren't perfect and neither are companies. While I am not seeing a lot of the issues that others are complaining about with Evernote, that doesn't mean they don't exist. Evernote has grown a lot in the past few years and they are on just about every platform (even the VirtualBoy). That expansion certainly comes with a cost. Quality software engineers don't grow on trees. Phil has always said that he wants to build a 100 year company and honest blog posts like this show me that he's committed to that. Companies always stumble, but only the committed get back up. It appears Evernote is here to stay