An App Idea For Grocery Stores

It never fails. My wife will send me a grocery list after I offer to do the shopping (which isn't as often as I probably should). I'll go to either Walmart or Publix with the best of intentions of being in and out in 20 minutes. An hour later, I am still searching for ingredients (and getting frustrated). Why hasn't technology solved this problem? Here is a free idea for a grocery store chain:

  1. Release iPhone/Android apps that are paired with your in-store WiFi (that isn't terrible).
  2. Allow the apps to have shared shopping lists between users (spouses, roomates, etc).
  3. Use your WiFi to determine my location and use that information to help me find the items on my list. This might be by organizing my list based on the order I will come across items or simply alerting me when I am on an aisle that has something on my list.

I am looking for more than just a list application. I am looking for an app that is tightly integrated with inventory and item locations within the store.

There could also be an opportunity to integrate this with Pinterest. Pinning a store created recipe onto a special board would allow the needed ingredients to be added to your grocery list (and easily locate the items).

Help me get in and out of your store faster and I am a lot more likely to come back (and not simply bargain shop).