Hands On With Evernote and Post-It Note Integration

One of the announcements from Evernote's Conference was a partnership with 3M for Evernote branded Post-It Notes. The new version (released today) of Evernote for iOS includes this integration. It's accessed by launching the camera function inside of the app and swiping to the right (the blur was added after the fact).


Together with the team at 3M, we’re not only making the notes digital, but we’re also adding a level of intention to your use of them that never existed before. In the past, you likely reached for the nearest Post-it® Note without much care about the specific color you were using. Now, those decisions have the added meaning of organization within Evernote.

Evernote is also selling a custom branded note holder. There is nothing technically special about the Evernote branded packs. The camera works the same with 'regular' Post-It Notes. The nice thing about the Evernote ones are that they include a 1 month code for Evernote Premium (can only use 1 code in a 12 month period).