Why Amazon Dominates Retail

If you listen to the podcast that I co-host with Fraser Speirs, you know that my 2nd child has been dealing with some terrible reflux/stomach issues. It started when he was two weeks old and hasn't let up (he is 2 1/2 months now). As you can imagine, we are experimenting with various kinds of medicines, forumlas, cereals, etc. After our most recent visit to the doctor, we were recommended to try a different kind (and more expensive) of formula. At this point, we will do anything. The only problem is that we couldn't find this formula ANYWHERE locally. On Friday at around 2:00 PM, we happened to look on Amazon. As you can guess, they had it and offered a Saturday delivery option for $8.99.

This is why Amazon dominates retail. They have an enourmous selection and can get it to you really quick. Looking back, Amazon Prime was probably one of the smartest things they have done. With local vs internet shopping, a lot of people did not want to wait 4-5 days (or pay a ton for faster shipping). This would cause them to drive to a local store instead. I can picture the meeting where Jeff Bezos probably asked this question: why do some people not shop at Amazon? Someone probably bought up the wait times for product delivery. In a Jobs-like move, he probably came up with Amazon Prime on the spot.

I love shopping at Amazon. Do I like that they have great prices? Absolutely! Price isn't the main reason, though. I love Amazon for the selection and convenience. The less time I can spend at a Wal-mart or a Target is more time I can be at home with my family.