Evernote 5.3 for Mac Adds Convert to PDF Option

Evernote 5.3 for Mac has added a number of new features.

New Premium Feature: Presentation Mode

  • Present your notes in a beautifully laid out, full-screen view with one click

  • Dual screen support: Present on one screen while taking notes on the other

  • Display images, documents and attachments in the presentation

  • Use the laser pointer feature to help everyone follow along

Improved Premium Feature: Related Notes

  • See up to five Related Notes at the bottom of the Note Editor

New Evernote Business Feature

  • Easily convert personal notebooks into Business notebooks

Other enhancements * Redesigned search highlighting

  • Evernote Food notes are now editable

  • Right-click on a note to convert it to a PDF

I am really excited about the ability to convert notes to PDFs right inside of Evernote. I would often do this manually (using Print to PDF) when I knew I was finished editing a note. It took me a second to figure out how to do it, though. You have to right-click inside the actual note. I kept trying to right click on the note title in the browser. Evernote doesn't touch the original note, but simply makes a copy as a PDF in the same notebook.