The Search For A Better Baby Monitor

I love technology, but I don't want it to be so ingrained in my life that I spend more time fixing and tinkering than I do actually using it. This is especially true when I integrate technology into my home. When I began looking at the The Nest, one of the things that drew me to it was that it wasn't "fiddly". It billed itself as a "just works" technology addition to your home. After using it for a few months, I can agree with their claims. That's what technology was always suppose to do for us. It was to make things easier.

I've written about my lack of patience with technology. I recently ripped all of our DVDs to an old Mac and I am using it for an Apple TV movie server. It has been flawless. If my son asks to watch a certain movie, my wife doesn't have to hunt for the DVD and then put it in the DVD player. Do you see what has happened here? Incredible technology has simplified something in our home.

My wife and I have used this baby monitor since my son was born. It has really worked well. It works over the 2.4 ghz RF band. It never required a reboot and it "just worked". The only reason I began looking around for a new one is the distance limitations on the night vision. We moved into a new house recently and the ideal location for the monitor was a bit farther than it was at our last house. I decided that we probably needed to look for a new solution.

I friend of mine was using this camera and recommended it to me. It's an IP based camera and the monitor was an iPhone app. There are no official apps, but there are plenty of third party options. I purchased two of them to see which one we liked better. The first was Foscam Pro and the second was Ucam Pro. The camera worked great for everything other than what we ultimately needed it for. The setup was simple, the night vision was great, and both apps worked well. The only thing that didn't work well was that the audio would always crash about 3:00 AM. We kept the audio going at night so we could listen out for our oldest son (incase he got sick, etc). One app would say that the audio service had failed and the other would just crash outright. Neither app developer could explain it. The camera was hardwired into my network and my WiFi coverage is excellent. I updated the camera firmware and tinkered with the settings, but it still happened. My friend with the same camera didn't have this issue, but I never could fix it.

After about a week, I gave up and sold it on eBay. Unfortunately, I had also sold my old camera on Ebay. We decided to replace it with this one . It has fewer features than our old one, but they aren't features we really care about. My oldest son is at the age where we really don't need a camera on him. We will just use this one in our newborn's room (attached to the crib).

Sometimes, the best solution is the least technically advanced one.