[RSS Sponsor:] Silent Light for iOS

Don’t you wish you could have two teachers in the class? Meet Silent Light; your silent ally, here to manage your classroom noise levels.

Ever wonder why students are missing instructions or producing work that just doesn’t reflect their potential? Research shows that noisy classrooms significantly impacts learning. Silent Light will create the optimum learning environment for your class.

Silent Light enables you to set noise level targets with your classroom. With illustrations based on a traffic light, Silent Light uses subtle audio and visual cues that give students feedback on their noise level. Watch your students manage their own volume as Silent Light rewards them for being focused. Display Silent Light on your Apple TV or projector and see how your class works together to create the optimum learning environment!

No more shushing. Download Silent Light today, and focus on the task of teaching.

My thanks to Top Storey Apps for sponsoring Chambers Daily this week.