My History with Computers - Part 2

This is a three part series about my history with the personal computer.

Part 1

The Teenage Years

In 2001, we got high speed internet at home. Comcast had finally come to town and we were ready to ditch AOL dial up. It was magical. This was the Napster era, so I put that new bandwidth and our new CD burner to good use. We actually had had Windows ME for a period, but my dad quickly upgraded to XP when it came out. My dad was always really into computers and playing PC games, so we generally had a pretty fast computer. He would upgrade the RAM and the video card every few years. He never bought an off the shelf machine, though. He would always custom build them. It was actually a pretty smart strategy. He would upgrade various components as they got cheaper, so the machine always felt new.

My First Computer (2002)

When I graduated high school, I took the money I got for graduation and built myself a computer for college. I don't remember much about the computer other than it had 512 MB of RAM. At the time, 512 MB of RAM was pretty good. It's crazy to think that my iPhone has 1024 MB of ram. Let that sink in. My iPhone has double the RAM of my 2002 desktop computer. In 2003, I upgraded to a 17" Samsung LCD monitor. I kept this computer for a few years until I needed portability.

The First Laptop

In 2004, I sold the desktop and bought a 15" eMachine laptop. It was a really solid computer and actually had 1 GB of RAM. I used this laptop throughout the majority of my college years. The only issue I had with it was that the hinges began to crack after a few months. This was a widespread problem and it was repaired for free. This was the only 15" laptop I have ever owned.

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