My Home Network

My family moved into a new house back in May. We bought it part way through the construction process, so we got to pick out a few upgrades. One of those upgrades was to have CAT6 wiring ran to wherever there was a RG6 jack (TV). We are a big Apple TV family, so I wanted to hardwire them in. I chose this upgrade and I doubt I’ll ever regret it.

Network Gear

  • Netgear WNR3500L - This is the main router, but the WiFi is turned off.

  • Aerohive 330 AP - This is sitting next to the router and is on the main level of the house.

  • Aerohive 121 AP - This is in my son’s room plugged into a gigabit switch along with an Apple TV.

  • Aerohive 121 AP - This is in my bonus room plugged into a gigbit switch along with an Apple TV.

The reason I am using the Netgear router instead of an Aerohive router is the way the ports handled on the Aerohive router. You have to decide if a port is either an access port or an AP port. Since some of my APs are plugged into plain old 4 port gigabit switches along with Apple TVs, I need a router that is a bit “dumber”.

While having 3 APs in my house is complete overkill, it’s nice to have 3 bars in the garage. My radio profiles are tuned to prefer 5 ghz connections. The only remaining 2.4 ghz only device in my house is our Nest Thermostat .