TV Industry Predictions for 2017

We are all waiting on the silver bullet solution for the TV market. We are looking for the "iPhone" of the TV industry. Here are my predictions for what this market will look like in 2017:

  1. We will still be paying the same (or more) for paid TV (what we think of as traditional cable).
  2. You will have a variety of interface choices (via the "login" system that we use for WatchESPN or HBOgo).
  3. Even more folks will ditch paid TV for other entertainment sources. It's not that the other sources (Netflix) have everything, but other things are "entertaining" them as well. This might include social networking, games like Candy Crush, etc
  4. Sports will still be the driving force behind all of paid TV.
  5. The NFL and MLB are the exceptions. They have a direct purchase option and work on a variety of devices.
  6. Showtime will beat HBO to the punch on a direct purchase model.