The Worst Public Relations Blunder of 2013

The Xirrus Blog

Dear Mr Akin,

Well we'd thought we comment too. We normally steer away from this type of vendor-originated, opinionated back and forth as it's really unproductive, but on this occasion we feel compelled to introduce some fact into the discussion rather than the ill-informed, self-serving diatribe of which you seem so fond. The Xirrus debut at Wireless Field Day 5 ( is now well-documented and that forum provides a very healthy technical forum for ongoing debate, discovery, and community engagement. After the event, we posted a response in a very factual manner to some great questions raised at WFD5. Rather than engage in a professional technical debate, you chose to launch an ill-informed, factually incorrect attack. This serves no one but you and is not remotely constructive to our community that WFD5 in contrast does so well to serve.

For reference:

The videos from Xirrus' presentation at WFD5 are here:

Xirrus blog post on interference mitigation as a follow up to WFD5:

Devin Akin's blog post:

A corporate blog should never respond to a blog written by an individual on Tumblr. All they are doing is drawing attention to the issue. They also look petty and insecure. Remember when Manti Te'o wouldn't stop talking about the dead girlfriend hoax? All he was doing was drawing more attention to the situation.

Xirrus is the Manti Te'o of WiFi vendors.