A Month with Wunderlist

I wrote back in July about leaving OmniFocus and switching to Wunderlist for task management. I wanted to give a quick update on that progress.

  1. I miss the OmniFocus mail drop. While Wunderlist has this feature, it's only able to be used by 1 email address. This limits it to either my work or personal account.
  2. The syncing has been pretty good. There were three days a few weeks ago that it was off and on, but it's been fine ever since.
  3. The file attachments for pro users was a nice addition (currently no file size limit).
  4. Shared lists work extremely well.
  5. I quit using the "remind me" feature on top of due dates. I just mark the task as due on X and leave it at that. I leave the app open on the Mac and I don't really need to be reminded on top of seeing the "Today" list (showing what is due today).

Overall, I am quite happy with the switch and upgrading to a pro account. Wunderlist has 99% of the features of OmniFocus that I actually used. It feels like it's written the way my brain is hooked up.