Yelp Finally Allows Users to Leave Reviews from iPhone

Yelp Official Blog:

Mobile phone usage has come a long way since the days of the hunt-and-peck, shorthand “C U L8R” texts. Nowadays, people are more mobile savvy and are becoming used to contributing long-form content directly from their device. These days, many people are interacting with Yelp solely through their mobile device. Which is why we’re introducing the ability to write and publish reviews on mobile! Yelpers can now contribute their useful, funny and cool reviews directly from their Yelp mobile application (available today on iOS and coming soon to Android).

I'd bet that Yelp will see a big uptick in reviews with this update. I never left reviews previously. The whole process was clunky. You'd have to start a draft on your phone and then publish from the web. The motivation behind this was to have 'more thought out' reviews instead of 'knee-jerk' ones. I understood their point, but it hurt my usage of the service (and it's 2013). This will either be extremely good or extremely bad for restaurant owners (depending on the quality of the place). Anyone with an iPhone is now a mobile food critic.