Everything’s Easy When You Don’t Understand

George Spencer:

“You block adult content with parental controls, why can’t you block child abuse material?” — MP Claire Perry solving the problem of online child abuse at a summit designed to consult experts from ISPs, Google, and others on how to crack down on child pornography

If her failure to understand the way the web works is understandable, the role given to her in government certainly isn’t. Would you hire someone who doesn’t know what a hyperlink is? Maybe. Would you allow them to be in charge of a nationwide always-on system for automatically filtering the internet? Probably not, unless you didn’t understand the web either.

Basic computer skills are non negotiable parts of working in 2013. If your job requires you to learn a software package you are unfamiliar with, you need to figure out a way to learn it. Either take a class, read a book, or just dive right in. Technology is a huge part of any sort of business and when people act like "I just can't understand computers like you computer people do", I often think, shouldn't that be part of your job requirements? I am not saying that Susie in accounting needs to understand killing the OS X dock via terminal, but she should probably understand how to drag an application to the dock. There is a huge difference between being a 'tech person' and having a general understanding of technology. I am not asking everyone to be as big of a technology person as me, but I am asking everyone to at least try to understand. A mechanic doesn't ask me to understand how to rebuild an engine, but I should probably know enough to change an air filter or a wiper blade (and when to get my oil changed).

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