Everpix Review

I first learned about Everpix from its sponsorship of Daring Fireball. I have a very simple and specific way of managing photos. The downside to this method is that I rarely go back and look at old photos. Photos are dropped in folders and are generally never to be seen again. I decided to give Everpix a whirl. They have a free tier that allows you to see exactly how the service works as it shows you all your photos taken within the past 12 months. There are tasks you can do to increase that as well (uploading 1,000 photos from a Mac/PC, referring friends, etc). While using the free tier, I quickly increased the 12 months to 33 months. Everpix is pretty simple to understand. John Gruber said it best during the sponsorship copy:

Bottom line: Everpix is what iPhoto/iCloud photo syncing should be.

Everpix is your photo library in the cloud. Apple's workflow is that you snap a photo on your iPhone, go to iPhoto on the Mac, and then download it from your photo stream into an album/event. That simply does not work for regular people. It requires a lot of steps and most people just end up leaving them on their camera roll.

Everpix aims to remove the friction for cloud based photo management. It supports importing (and organizing) from a ton of places: Mac, PC, iPhoto, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Lightroom, and Aperture.


My workflow for Everpix was going to be simple. All of my photos are in a Dropbox folder that are organized by:

  1. Year (i.e. 2010)
  2. Month (2010-05)
  3. Optional Event (2010-05 Birthday Party)
Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.16.45 PM.png

All I needed to do was point the Everpix Mac app at that folder and let the magic happen. After everything had finished uploading and processing, I visited the web interface to begin browsing. I noticed that some of my photos were appearing in the wrong year. A quick email to support showed that the EXIF data in a few of my photos was wrong. I used this app to correct them and then Everpix picked up the changes.

Everpix is broken up into 5 sections:

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 6.52.33 AM.png
  • Photo Mail

This is where photos that your friends send to you through Everpix will appear.

  • Explore

Everpix has built a pretty interesting feature here:

Using semantic data gathered from Everpix's Image Analysis, you can explore your collection through the content of each photo—animals, people, cities, nature, and even food.

  • Highlights

This section (broken up by year) analyzes your library and chooses what it feels like best represents that year.

  • Moments

This view displays all the photos in your collection (from various sources), but it's organized by date and time.

  • Sources.

This most closely represents my current Dropbox based structure. This would break apart your collection into iPhoto events, Flickr sets, Facebook albums, etc.

Everpix has created this article to further explain the different views.

After using the free tier of Everpix for a few weeks, I decided to go premium. I removed all the photos from my iPhone and only view them through the Everpix app and website. I have found myself browsing old photos, emailing them to my wife, and reminiscing about old times. That alone is worth the price. What good is a great collection of family photos if you never look at them? I am excited to see where this product goes in the future. I am also glad it's a paid product ($4.99/mo or $49/year). This is a solution I could see being a backbone of my photo management for years to come so I'd rather pay them directly vs waiting for a revenue model 'to appear'.