Is this a Dell ad?

Jenn Bosier:

Of all the tablets offered, the students preferred the Latitude 10 because of its ease of use and accessibility. Additionally, students specifically noted they felt the Latitude 10 would best prepare them for college and the work force.

This is missing the boat when it comes to technology in education. I used Office 97 when I was in high school. How relevant is that today? We really don't give kids much credit when we assume that because they used X device in school, that they can't figure something else out in 8-10 years. It's a shame that in 2012, iPad tesing and deployment among Fortune 500 companies only hit 92%.

From an IT perspective, Schwartz says the Windows 8 platform provides the easiest solution for security, applications, updates and personalization. Something which is a challenge, he noted, with the iPad. Also challenging with iOS? Productivity software, which is an absolute must for education.

No, Windows 8 might provide the highest level of control for an IT staff. The world is changing and the future isn't about device control, but rather application control. When he says productivity software, I am assuming he means Microsoft Office? This is a tired arguement. There is a lot more to computing than using Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. There are plenty of those styles apps on iOS, but we've all largely moved on from the belief that 'productivity' can only happen in those type applications.

Even though Microsoft's Shape the Future campaign allowed the school districts to purchase the tablets at a discounted rate, 30,000 tablets still represents a substantial dollar amount

The whole thing is starting to make sense. Dell and Microsoft just simply outbid Apple (and probably took a loss). This isn't about functionality of the software or the device. Microsoft and Dell are just desparate to stay relevant in this market.

With endorsements like this and a surprisingly low price point, the Latitude 10 could be looking at a handy sales boom come August. Right now, depending on model and options, the Latitude 10 is priced between $579 and $849.

The iPad 4 (not counting iPad 2) starts at $499. How is the 'Latitude 10' surprisingly low?

This whole article should have the 'sponsored article' disclaimer. I'd love to revist this deployment in 3 years and see how its going. As Fraser Speirs says, the most expensive deployment is the one that doesn't work.