Apple And The Future of TV

In 2005, we all thought our cell phones were terrible. We were just waiting on Apple to save us. We are at that point with TV now. When you break it down, what do we really want Apple to do with TV? Are we just after a new interface or do we think we're going to get all the content we want $20 a month and bypass the cable company? I think most of us think we want the former but we really think the latter. We think we should be able to get all of the content we want (that we are paying $70-80 a month for now)and pay App store prices ($.99 a channel per month). That is probably not realistic. In fact, TV content prices will probably stay about the same on the mythical Apple product. I don't think it's the prices that we need Apple to save us from. Its the terrible UI and customer experience of existing products. We really aren't paying less for iPhones from the cellular carriers (in terms of monthly fees) than we were with a MotorolaQ, but we like our iPhones a lot more so we deal with the monthly fees. If Apple announced an Apple TV type product that had the ability to basically see my existing channels as Apps and allowed me to watch what I wanted (including live sports) for $70/mo, I'd sign up immediately. Hollywood level content isn't cheap to produce, so we probably shouldn't look to Apple to be able to drive the cost down. Just as they haven't made cellular data rates fall to $10/mo for unlimited, we shouldn't expect our TV content pricing to fall much either. I'd love to pay a lot less for content, but I don't think that is within Apple's power. I want Apple to make me love the UI of my TV just as they did with the iPhone.