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Book for this week is an iBook with screencasts of Evernote. Learning To Love Evernote caught me flat footed with certain tips, that I had no clue of even as a veteran of Evernote. From all the Evernote books I’ve seen so far, this one is most rounded and tailored for people who still didn’t catch up on all of it’s features. It gives a neat overlay of all the functionality you might have missed.


I watched the videos, and I think Bradley did a good job in providing a general overview of Evernote, as well as offering some useful tips on how to use it on OS X and iOS.

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.@BradleyChambers helps you love #Evernote. He shares his favorite tips in how-to tutorials. http://tw.apple.com/Nzg

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$4.99 gets you an hour of screencasts as .mp4 files or wrapped up as an iPad-ready iBook. They’re all well done, and Bradley is a great teacher.

If you’ve been Evernote-curious or want to get more out of the app, be sure to check it out.


Bradley Chambers released a series of video tutorials today "Learning to Love Evernote." I've had a chance to preview them and already picked up several tricks. In total, the package contains 10 screencasts for about an hour worth of content and covers the basics of setting up Evernote and goes through various workflows of using Evernote for storing specific types of content to give you a few ideas of the types of things you can do. The package is $4.99 and available in an iBooks author version for iPad or as downloadable videos.

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Learning to Love Evernote is a series of screencasts by Bradley Chambers that have been gathered into an iBook for iPad. The videos are geared toward people who want to use Evernote, but haven’t quite figured out how to fit it into their workflow yet. It first covers the basics of the Evernote interface (notebooks, stacks, etc) and then shows you different ways you can organize your personal life.

Generational Podcast 35:

This week Bradley Chambers joins Erik and Gabe to talk about information capture and recall with Evernote.

I was also thrilled to be featured under the 'New and Notable' section in the iBookstore.

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I have been blown away from the comments on how it has helped viewers to take Evernote to a new level. I am hard at work planning an update to this set and working on an entirely new Evernote related concept.